Highest flexibility and precision


To suppliers of the automotive industry state-of-the-art technologies, target-orientated cost reduction and shorter lead time are highly familiar terms, which at the same time lead to higher requirements in terms of design and precision of the tools. By investing in the latest equipment weba assures the requested flexibility and capacity in its production. The acquisition of the 5-axis machining centre at the headquarters in Dietach confirms the ambition of the company to assure highly efficient tool production for its customer.

Especially when it comes to machining, the growing demand at the market for larger and more complex forming tools leads to increasing capacity and resource requirements. The innovative tool producer weba assures the reliability and the efficiency of its production by acquiring a new machining centre. After the comparison of different machine concepts and a detailed evaluation of their technical features and advantages, the procurement team has decided to go for the latest machine of the supplier TRIMILL; more precisely the dynamic 5-axis machining centre VM 6535, which has been especially developed for use in tool and mold making industry.

The technical highlights – The demand-orientated configuration and the machining quality are the major characteristics of the VM 6535. In addition to its simple and ergonomic handling, the powerful portal machining centre scores most notably by its high machining precision and efficiency. This is given by the thermodynamic design as well as by the automatic head changing system for roughing and finishing. With its x-axis of 6.500 mm and y-axis of 3.500 mm the working space enables a precise and economic machining of large assemblies.  The highlights of the portal machining centre are not only the wide area of application and the high travel speed of 40 m/min, in fact the available processing capabilities of the TRIMILL VM 6535 fulfill the machining requirements of a tool shop optimally. In order to assure the required milling accuracy resulting from the dimensions and the complexity of the parts, a solid construction of the foundation based on the large working area is just as important as an ideal configuration of the machining. More than 300 m³ concrete and over 17.000 kg steel assure the maximum stability and an absolute vibration-free machining of the parts. “We have decided to purchase the machine model VM 6535 because of various technical and economic reasons. But I would say that the portal machining centre scores especially with its user-friendly handling and its high machining precision”, explains the machining manager at the location in Dietach.