weba Werkzeugbau Enters the Energy Market: A New Era Beyond the Automotive Industry

Dietach - weba Werkzeugbau is embracing the challenges of the future and expanding its product range with groundbreaking technologies for green hydrogen production. This strategic move marks weba's transition into the world of renewable energy, leveraging its long-standing expertise in precision tool manufacturing to make a significant contribution to the green energy transition.

weba Werkzeugbau, known as a leader in supplying the automotive industry, is now opening a new chapter by expanding its business activities beyond the automotive sector and entering the field of energy generation. With the introduction of green hydrogen production technologies, weba demonstrates remarkable adaptability and innovation.

The company, which has made a name for itself in the production of forming tools for high-strength safety-critical vehicle components, is extending its expertise towards renewable energy. This strategic expansion includes the development of specialized tools and components for efficient green hydrogen production.

A central element of weba's expanded product range is the so-called bipolar plates, also known as dimple plates. weba specializes in the manufacturing of tools and components essential for producing these bipolar plates. They play a crucial role in the modern energy and automotive industry, especially in fuel cells and electrolyzers used for hydrogen production. The plates enable electrical connection and current flow between individual cells and contribute to the distribution of gases such as hydrogen and oxygen, as well as heat dissipation in fuel cells.

Through this diversification, weba establishes itself not only as a key player in the automotive industry but also positions itself as a player in the rapidly growing market for green energy. With this step, weba demonstrates its effective adaptation to dynamic market conditions and expansion into new, promising segments to ensure sustainable growth and long-term success.


About weba: weba Werkzeugbau, founded in 1982, is a leading provider of tool solutions for hot forming and cold forming technology. With highly skilled employees, state-of-the-art technology, and comprehensive expertise, weba Werkzeugbau strives to offer its customers innovative and tailor-made solutions. Exploring new potentials for success is achieved through targeted product development and specialization in strategic market niches.

weba operates three locations: The headquarters and development center is located in Dietach, Austria. The location in Olomouc, Czech Republic, specializes in the production of press hardening tools and the serial production of components. Gatzsch Schweißtechnik GmbH in Attendorn, Germany, became part of weba in 2021, bringing expertise in joining and welding technology. In total, weba employs over 300 employees.



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